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Neither Confirm Nor Deny


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Neither Confirm Nor Deny


Soul peace!
    Recently, I came across a term, “neither confirm nor deny…” There are variations of it, but it is what is called a Glomar response (AKA Glomarization or Glomar denial).  In United States law the term “neither confirm nor deny" is a response used to a Freedom of information Act.  It’s a way to dissemble, isn’t it? It’s neither “Yea" or “Nay”. Technically, one has answered...yet they have not
   Not so for the Christian. In the Apostle Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy ( chapter 2, verse 10) he reminds his spiritual son:

Therefore I endure all things for the elect's sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. 

    For the child of God, it is not about wriggling out of a situation by being "neutral”. On the contrary, we are to endure all things! How, though? In the Word of God, the Apostle Paul continues on in verse 11:

It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him:

    Well, there it is! We must die. Die to self.  Apostle Paul admonishes us to DENY self and there is nothing "iffy” about it. It’s about crucifying the flesh and being dead WITH him. That is a bold statement of our union with the Lord because it is not in our OWN strength. There is a “Yes, Lord!” In the being of one in Christ yet risen to newness of life!  Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done. The only denyig to be done is of self: The flesh and its passions.  It is part of the cost of discipleship Christ Jesus tells us to take up our cross of crucifixion and follow him Matt 16:24 Paul wrote, “I die daily”! How much more for us? We cannot forget that!  II Timothy 2:12 reads:

If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us:

  "Suffer" means... suffer. Denying self does not always feel good. The world may Glomarize, “We can neither confirm nor deny that "x" person was an undercover officer”.  The Christian on the other hand, declares, “Jesus is Lord!” No undercover Christians. Nope! Shine on! "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."  We CAN'T be lukewarm. God hates that! ( Revelation 3:16)  Not only are we boldly declare Christ and him crucified, we have liberty to do so. Parrhesia! In verse 12 Apostle Paul tells Timothy:

If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.
A Glomar denial has a  verisimilitude, “truthy“ feel. “The most beneficial response is to neither confirm nor deny the allegations, but to….”  It leaves one wondering!  God’s Word is Truth. There are no murky gray areas in Christ Jesus! He is the Word made flesh come from God. He IS the TRUTH.
John 14:6
Jesus saith unto him, I am the waythe truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
The very essence of The Gospel of Christ Kerygma! When we believe with our heart and confess with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, we are saved to the uttermost. II Timothy 3: 13 says He is faithful. Whether one believes or not, it is still the Truth: He CANNOT deny himself!  No such thing as a Glomar response! EVERY word in him is yea and Amen!  With "Eish shahor al gabei  eish lavan~ "Black fire on white fire”, He responds as the King of the universe that He is:

Or HaOlam                                  Light of the World/universe
Avi Ad                                           Everlasting Father
 El Gibbor                                   The Mighty God
Koney ha-Kol                              Master/Owner of all
Adonai Tzeva-ot                         Eternal One of Hosts
El Nosay                                     The forgiving God ~ “The
                                                      God who bears the
                                                      burden of sin.”
Ha Rachaman                              The Merciful One
We’ll never come to the end of all the facets of his Being! He is our soon coming King! Beloved, Holy Scripture tells us in Matthew 10:33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will Ialso deny before my Father which is in heaven. Remember to Whom you belong and that you are living epistles read of all Men. Let us live our daily lives in a God-honoring way that does not deny him, but CONFIRMS just Who He is not only to us, but to souls hungering and thirsting, (sometimes unbeknownst even to themselves), for God!

God reigns!

Prophetess Vickie Lee

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Your article is very nice thank you for share this information Glory to God!You are most welcome
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Prophetess Vickie Lee on Saturday, July 29, 2017 5:58 PM
God gets all the glory Beloved and I am blessed to know you received something from this post!

help with essays on Saturday, July 29, 2017 6:35 AM
Amazing post. I am so impressed. Could never think of such a thing is possible with it... I think you have a great knowledge especially while dealings with such subjects.
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Prophetess Vickie Lee on Saturday, July 29, 2017 6:01 PM
We serve an amazing God! Bless his Name! Please continue to visit Arnion Ministries

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Amazing post thanks for sharing
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prophetess Vickie Lee on Tuesday, September 05, 2017 8:55 PM
Bless you!

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