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The King's University Conference

Praise the Lord!

I am just returning from The 2010 National Spirit-Filled Conference at The King’s University. It has been an awesome week! I took two wrap-around classes, too. I just wanted to share some of the nuggets from the speakers at the conference. The theme was “Teaching and Enabling Holy Spirit Empowered Ministry”.

Dallas Willard: Dr. Willard (Professor at USC)spoke on “Holiness” and “ Becoming Holy”. It was a rich teaching. What a gentle and anointed spirit he has! He said we are called to holiness, the power of the church. Holiness is a great power, nothing can stand against it because it is God. Yet, holiness is no longer the center focus of the Body of. Christ. Salvation and holiness have been separated. The notion that we can get to heaven without being holy, leaves a Christian at failure. Holiness comes from life in God. Eternal living, more than eternal life. My life caught up in the life God is living. And He is caught up in what I am doing. I am living eternally NOW. We take on more and more eternal life, caught up in God’s life. A LIFE SO FULL OF GOOD THINGS, THERE IS NO ROOM FOR BAD THINGS. Take God into consideration. It guides you to holiness. It is a process and there is an ease and a restfulness with things that are true. The process is to be chosen. It is actually easier to live holy! You can deal with what is wrong and correct it, but your will must be set, not in a love of this world ,but for God, or it will not last. A holy person is different because they are holy, not holy because they are different. It all comes together in love, the four letter word for “holiness”. A holy life is a life of love. Love set to do whatever is good for what ever is loved. Love for God, then is to act for what is good for God. Holiness is asking, “ Where is God?" all the time, because that person is centered in the will of God. And s/he knows God is taking care of them.

Senior Pastor Bill Johnson: Pastor Johnson spoke on the :”Fruit of the Impossible”. It was powerful, vibrant, passionate ministry! H said Christians are born to confront the things of impossibility, and Jesus is our model. Jesus showed what one person, pure and empowered, can do who does not quench and grieve the Spirit. There is an obligation to walk in purity and integrity. It is a character issue. The will of God is that His Kingdom come on earth. There is a cultural shift in the Body of Christ. Kingdom culture and how it is to effect life here. We are culturally relevant as we demonstrate Kingdom works. Pursue the miraculous! Cry out in private, take risks in public. It increases us in the miraculous. Pastor Johnson encouraged us to look for opportunities to pray for people. Sometimes God would rather answer a prayer through you, rather than for you. Often times He is waiting for us to work. We are called to a lifestyle of a supernatural appetite. Don’t be afraid. Fear masquerades as wisdom- if you live carefully, your friends will call you wise, but you will never move mountains.

The other men and women were a blessing, too: Jeanne Darnelle, The King’s University Chancellor Dr. Jack Hayford, Bruce Wilkinson( author of “The Prayer of Jabez”), Pastor Amos Dodge, Co-pastor Kimberly Dirmann. Other nuggets from the weekend: “Fruit that remains: It’s not the show, it’s the glow that remains long after”, “Things are never going to be the same in our nation( economically, socially, culturally, etc.), the church must change because the world changes.’, “ If you live by your senses, you live way below the life level God has for you”, “So much supernatural ministry loses track because people try to BE supernatural, instead of letting the supernatural stream through them.”, God is looking for people to exalt who won’t let it break down their character. We need leaders who are not impressed with themselves.”, “Obedience leads to abundance.”, “You made a fear decision, not a faith decision.”, “The mystery of a moment: It is small enough to ignore, but big enough to change the rest of your life.,” “All ministry is dependent upon how we treat the Holy Spirit.” "When you believe a lie, you empower the liar.”, “ A Christian is never jealous of another Christian if they know who they are.”

Praise and worship was wonderful and overall the conference was excellent! It has been a busy week, which is why I have not blogged. I just wanted to share a bit of my week. I pray YOURS is blessed!

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